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Freefall… get it wrong.
Down the drain. So long.
There is no right if you play along.
Smile, for this is your call.
Take a picture, hang it on the wall.
Go for a walk, come back and break it all.
Does your mind see it fall?
Is there blindness?
Take your eyes and lock’em away.
Never had you felt that madness
Drown your brain.
It tastes and smells like today.
Shoot yourself in the head,
Die over and over again…
Time to make you wake up,
Life’s ahead,
Replay it when you’re dead.
Can you see the road?
If you take it you’ll have to walk,
But make it spin and lies come along.
Fly to the moon, road trip the soul.
Then dig yourself out of that hole.
If your mind is clear you’re still gone.
Feel it wrong, or don’t feel at all.
Let yourself dwell
Between here and there.
Float, like nothing in the air.
Now you’re free, can you see the wall?
No. No. No. No wall!
There’s no right until you saw it wrong!
Freedom is nothing till the cage is gone!

(Única cena do meu outro blog que vou pôr aqui, já que não há mais nada para pôr. Divirtam-se)

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